Entry level* RC Drift supplies

It happens more often that we hear questions from new people who want to start with the (drift) hobby: "Where should I look or start?". Keep reading and check the important points to start.


RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) is a standard in the current scene, AWD (All Wheel Drive) or CS (Counter steer) are practically no longer driven, so if you want to drive anything on a track then I will advise getting a RWD chassis, such as a Reve D RDX, Yokomo YD-2, MST RMX 2.0 or a Sakura D5.


At the time of writing (January 2023), Reve D RDX is the go-to chassis to start with - budget permitting. The standard kit from RDX comes without tuning parts and all parts are in plastic, which can be replaced (in the event of an "accident") easily and cheaply. It is also really easy to drive with the standard settings, so you don't have to tune it and can just start without having to think about how to adjust it!



  • ESC: Brushless and one with sensor and a power of 120A, preferably with Turbo and Boost or timing.
  • Motor: Brushless 10.5t sensored, 10.5t is the most common and used motor, other faster or slower motors are also allowed, but to be able to drive together easily it is better to use a comparable (in terms of speed) motor.
  • Servo: Low profile, speed is not very relevant in this (=<1 sec is good), torque is not very relevant either, Reve D, Yokomo and OMG servos are recommended.
  • Gyro: One where you can set the sensitivity, the Onisiki gyro is a good choice where you don't have to sell a kidney right away.
  • Transmitter: One with 3 channels and preferably one from a respectable brand (for example Spectrum, Sanwa or Futaba), because the 3rd channel is needed to adjust the sensitivity of the gyro!


Example | Reference:

(Price indication on 10-01-2021)

  • Chassis:

- Low end entry level: Sakura D5 (80€)

- Mid end entry level: Reve D RDX (280€)

  • ESC: SkyRC Toro 120A (70-80€)
  • Motor: Onisiki 10.5t (50€)
  • Servo: Reve D (70€)
  • Gyro: Onisiki (30€)
  • Transmitter: Sanwa MT-44 (290€) incl receiver


*Entry level build is taken into account with price/quality ratio, if your budget is bigger, you can go for the more expensive brands, but please keep in mind that more expensive stuff does not automatically make you a better driver/drifter!