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Thursday: Open 𝙡 15:00 till 22:00 𝙡 € 8,50

Saturday: Open 𝙡 10:00 till ?? 𝙡 € 12,50 (entire day)

Sunday: Open 𝙡 10:00 til 18:00 𝙡 € 12,50 (entire day)

Parking: There are 10 free parking spaces on all days that we are open (in front of the building and are unfortunately not possible to reserve). There is also a paid parking area nearby. Call us for directions if needed: +31 6 87417339 (parking there is free on Sundays).


5) King of Torii (Round 3) | 27-01-2024

6) King of Torii (Round 4) | 17-02-2024


MBC Torii Circuit is the first and only (Radio Controlled) RC Drift association in The Netherlands. The Torii Circuit name has been around for a while. In May 2020, the circuit was taken over by the new association 'MBC Torii Circuit'. We welcome anyone interested in the hobby, from beginner to competition driver. Due to the years of experience of the members, giving advice and helping to adjust your chassis is no problem at all!


Goal | Mission

As an association, we want to give everyone in and outside The Netherlands the opportunity to start or practice the RC Drift hobby. We provide this with our location and circuit, but also by giving demonstrations, organizing competitions and workshops.

We also aim to organize a World Cup in the near future.


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