Everything about RC Drifting

We see that there is a great need for more information about this hobby, so we will do our best to collect as much of this information as possible on this page.
In this way we hope that novice riders will make their first purchase well-informed and can find their first, important information here. We also aim to go deeper into the more technical side and to explain frequently used terms.

What is it?

Like other modeling hobbies, RC Drifting is a scale version of real drifting.
This is done with 1:10, rear-wheel drive, electronically controlled cars.


RC Drifting is not about speed, the number of laps you can drive or in what time you can do this. It's all about drifting around the track as close to each other as possible. The tighter the line, the nicer the style and the bigger the angle; The more we like it!

In principle you ride WITH each other and not AGAINST each other (this is of course different in competitions).